This is the virtual version of the annual Samson Society Fall Retreat sponsored by Samson House. Pirate Monks gathered on the first weekend in November 2021, at the beautiful Lakeshore Camp and Retreat Center in Eva, Tennessee. It was an amazing time. Now, thanks to the capabilities of modern technology, we are able to present an Online Version of the retreat for those who could not attend. 

Session Leaders

Jim Cress

Our featured speaker at this year's event is Jim Cress. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, Certified Multiple Addictions Therapist, and a Certified Daring Way Facilitator with Dr. Brene’ Brown’s The Daring Way Organization. For three years, he studied with and was trained by Dr. Patrick Carnes, the founder of the sex addiction field. Jim specializes in counseling those struggling with sex addiction, partners of sex addicts, marital counseling, trauma, abuse, and experiential group therapy. HE is also a national conference speaker with The American Association of Christian Counselors.

Mo Leverett

The weekend features a concert by guest artist Mo Leverett. A long-time Pirate Monk and pioneer of three local meetings, Mo Leverett has been called a feral prophet, who pulls poetry from life's sufferings. He has chosen to live his life among the poor. He has a background in urban ministry, presently owns a cigar shop called Holy Smokes, and has recorded 15 CD projects.

Nate Larkin

Author, speaker, and founder of the Samson Society, Nate Larkin will deliver a message and help to moderate the online event.

Aaron Porter

Teacher, coach, and popular co-host of the Pirate Monk Podcast, Aaron Porter will serve as a moderator and emcee of the online event.

Dr. Tom Moucka

The President of Samson House, Dr. Moucka gives an inspiring update on the mission and growth of the Samson Society.

Sam Black How to Be a Better Silas

Sam Black joined the Covenant Eyes team in 2007 after 18 years as a journalist. He is the author of The Porn Circuit, and he hosts a weekly newcomer meeting for the Samson Society. Drawing on recent research and long-term experience, Sam lays out the fundamentals of the Silas relationship, including healthy accountability, helpful self-disclosure, and humble leadership.

Don Waller How to Grow a Healthy Samson Group

After 20 years in the oil business, Don Waller heard God's call to work with men full-time as a licensed Professional Counselor. He started his first Samson group 7 years ago, and that group has expanded to 5 groups in the Jackson, MS Metro Area. In his workshop, Don shares a simple set of principles, priorities, and practices that any group can use to facilitate healthy growth.

Chris Inman How to Tell Your Story

Chris Inman has been involved with the Samson Society since 2015 and is currently a part of two in-person Samson groups in Mobile. He is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach and an Unwanted Certified Guide. Because men experience tremendous healing when they investigate their own story, Chris shares some of the skills necessary to go deeper in your own story work.

Jay Spiegel Intentional Breath Work

Jay Spiegel lives in Franklin, TN and has been a Samson Society member since 2009. He discovered intentional breathing many years ago but didn't know how to apply it until he discovered the Wim Hof Method of breathing, cold exposure and commitment. He shows how you can employ a simple breathing technique to achieve amazing relaxation and even trauma relief through a structured four round hyperventilation and breath hold session.

Schedule • Friday, January 14

7 PM Central TimeWelcome

Welcome, Instructions, and Opening Remarks by Aaron & Nate

7:15 PM Central TimeKeynote

Opening Message from Jim Cress

8:15 PM Central TileConcert

Songs, Stories and Recovery Wisdom by Mo Leverett

Schedule • Saturday, January 15

9 AM Central TimeLaunch

Friday recap and Saturday preview with Aaron & Nate

9:15 AM Central TimeKeynote

Second message from Jim Cress

10:15 AM Central TimePersonal Work

Individual reflection with guidance from Jim Cress (45 minutes)

11 AM Central TimeSmall Group Sharing

Pooling insights with brothers in breakout rooms

Noon Central TimeMidday Break

1:00 PM Central TimeWorkshop with Chris Inman

How to Tell Your Story

2:10 PM Central TimeWorkshop with Sam Black

How to Be a Better Silas

3:20 PM Central TimeWorkshop with Jay Spiegel

Intentional Breath Work

4:30 PM Central TimeWorkshop with Don Waller

How to Grow a Healthy Samson Group

5:30 PM Central TimeDinner Break

6:15 PM Central TimeSmall Group Sharing

Pooling insights with brothers in breakout rooms

7:00 PM Central TimeThe Grand Finale

Samson House update by Dr. Tom Moucka, and closing message by Nate Larkin

  • You are going to join the weekend from a quiet place with good internet access.

  • You and at least three other Pirate Monks are going to get together and log in on a single computer, using one camera and a shared microphone.


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