This is the annual Samson Society Fall Retreat sponsored by Samson House. Pirate Monks gather on the first weekend in November at the beautiful Lakeshore Camp and Retreat Center in Eva, Tennessee, about 2 hours west of Nashville, to:

  • Detach temporarily from the stresses of everyday life
  • Make conscious contact with God in a serene environment
  • Gain recovery wisdom from others on the Path.
  • Examine our personal patterns from a fresh perspective
  • Renew old friendships and make new ones
  • Relax around a campfire
  • Tell stories
  • Laugh

This year, in addition to our customary workshops and Silas walks, we will be hearing from featured speaker Jim Cress. Jim is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, Certified Multiple Addictions Therapist, and a Certified Daring Way Facilitator with Dr. Brene’ Brown’s The Daring Way Organization. For three years, he studied with and was trained by Dr. Patrick Carnes, the founder of the sex addiction field. Jim specializes in counseling those struggling with sex addiction, partners of sex addicts, marital counseling, trauma, abuse, and experiential group therapy. HE is also a national conference speaker with The American Association of Christian Counselors.  

The weekend will also feature a Saturday evening concert by guest artist Mo Leverett.   A long-time Pirate Monk and pioneer of three local meetings, Mo Leverett has been called a feral prophet, who pulls poetry from life's sufferings.  He has chosen to live his life among the poor. He has a background in urban ministry, presently owns a cigar shop called Holy Smokes, and has recorded 15 CD projects.

WHAT'S INCLUDED.  The registration fee for the weekend covers lodging, meals, materials, recreational equipment and all programming from dinner on Friday through breakfast on Sunday.  It also includes FREE registration to the Virtual Retreat on November 20, 2021.

Cost.  The price of the retreat depends on the sleeping accommodations you choose. There are two levels of bunkhouse berths available, along with a VERY limited number of off-site private rooms and on-site semi-private rooms.  

Transportation. Transportation is not included, but if you are flying to Nashville and need rides from and to the airport, email your carrier and flight times to and a member of our team will help you.

What to bring.  Hiking, fishing, and boating are available at the camp, so if you want to take advantage of those opportunities, bring your gear. Bring any snacks or special medications.

Bedding. Bedding is NOT provided in the Vintage Bunkhouses or the Lodge Bunk Rooms, so bring your own sleeping bag or sheets and blankets, plus a pillow, UNLESS you are staying in a semi-private or private room.

Electrical outlets.  Electrical outlets are scarce in the Vintage Bunkhouses, but there are plenty of outlets in the Lodge Bunk Rooms, semi-private Rooms and single rooms, so bring your phone charger or CPAP machine.

Workshops.  You will have the opportunity to attend two workshops in person. ALL workshops will be recorded with video and audio,  These recordings, along with those of the plenary sessions, will be made available during the Virtual Retreat and via our Patreon site here,

Questions.  Email any other questions related to the retreat to

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Workshops (Choose Two)

How to Grow a Healthy Samson Group Don Waller

Why do some local Samson groups thrive while others stagnate or even die? As it turns out, healthy groups employ a simple set of principles, priorities, and practices that any group can adopt. In this extremely practical workshop, Don Waller will share the tools he and his brothers have used to create multiple thriving Samson groups in and around Jackson, Mississippi.

After 20 years in the oil business, Don Waller heard God's call to work with men full-time. So with the encouragement of his wife, Yonnie, he went back to school and became a licensed Professional Counselor. Don's life mission is to come alongside men, encouraging them to discover their God given-place in life and helping them break free of harmful behaviors and addictions. started his first Samson group 7 years ago. Since then, that group has expanded to 5 groups in the Jackson, MS Metro Area.

Intentional Breath Work Jay Spiegel

This workshop will explore how you can employ a simple breathing technique to achieve amazing relaxation and even trauma relief through a structured four round hyperventilation and breath hold session. We will begin with an introduction of the full Method and what the breath work portion is all about. About fifteen minutes will be dedicated to a four or five round breathing and breath hold session followed by a short meditation. Then, those who wish to do so can be astounded with how breath hold work can affect a simple physical exercise. How many push ups can you do right now? If you have a yoga mat, blanket or sleeping bag and a pillow, please bring it to the workshop. A sleeping mask over your eyes would also be helpful. Let's see how "we can get high on our own supply."

Jay Spiegel lives in Franklin, TN and has been a Samson Society member since 2009. He discovered intentional breathing many years ago but didn't know how to apply it until he discovered the Wim Hof Method of breathing, cold exposure and commitment. Through the Method, he experienced improvement to a neurological condition that he has suffered from and is now committed to bringing it to those who want to see how it can bring benefit. He is actively pursuing certification as an instructo

How to Be a Better Silas Sam Black

So you've accepted the responsibility of serving as a Silas to another Pirate Monk. What should you do now? Drawing on recent research and long-term experience, Sam Black lays out the fundamentals of this mutually beneficial helping relationship, including healthy accountability, helpful self-disclosure, and humble leadership.

Sam Black joined the Covenant Eyes team in 2007 after 18 years as a journalist, serving as a reporter and editor for newspapers and magazines in six states. He is the author of The Porn Circuit, and he hosts a weekly newcomer meeting for the Samson Society. A natural networker, Sam creates partnerships with like-minded organizations to strengthen the worldwide fight against pornography.

How to Tell Your Story Chris Inman

Who really knows your story? What does it feel like to experience healing and grace as you reveal the some of the worst things that have ever happened to you? People cannot truly begin to grow until they understand the magnitude of investigating their story. Men, who often spend a lifetime trying to hide, experience tremendous healing by learning to where they are and why God has brought them on this journey. In this workshop we will talk about some of the significant principles in learning to tell one’s story. Come and join us to learn the skills necessary to go deeper in your own story work.

Chris Inman is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach and an Unwanted Certified Guide based in Mobile, Alabama. He is also a recovering youth pastor, having spent 15 years ministering in Alabama and Mississippi. Chris has been involved with the Samson Society since 2015 and is currently a part of two in-person Samson groups in Mobile.

Understanding and Healing Trauma Kaka Ray

Recovery is a spiritual process, but not JUST a spiritual process. Although it does begin with confession and repentance, recovery is actually a HEALING process involving the progressive retraining of a brain that has developed maladaptive strategies for dealing with abuse or neglect. In this workshop, Kaka Ray breaks down the neurology of compulsive behavior and offers practical ways to facilitate the healing process.

Kaka Ray, LMFT, BCN is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Board Certified Neurotherapist, who specializes in brain-based treatments and trauma resolution. She is master trained in brain spotting, an innovative new treatment in brain-based therapy. In May of 2017, Kaka founded TN Neurofeedback when she discovered the ways in which neurofeedback could deeply benefit her clients and individuals seeking trauma resolution and performance enhancement. She has since achieved board certification in neurofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA). As an expert in trauma and human systems, Kaka works in short intensive sessions to prevent and manage crises. The model of intensive sessions coupled with cutting edge brain-based treatment such as brainspotting and neurofeedback is proven to make the therapeutic engagement more efficient and effective.

  • This is your chance to re-live youth camp -- a basic cabin with old-school bunks and one bathroom. Bring your own bedding. and towels. Deposit as little as $25 to save your spot!

  • Bunkroom-style accommodations designed for adults, with furnished common areas, kitchenettes, balconies, large-capacity bathrooms and showers, and plenty of electrical outlets. You bring your own bedding and towels. Deposit as little as $35 to save your spot!

  • Share a room and bathroom in the lodge with one other guy. Bedding is provided. Deposit as little as $50 to save your spot!

  • You absolutely must have a bedroom to yourself, and you're willing to drive 15 to 20 minutes to get to it. You and two other guys will share a 3-bedroom cabin. Deposit $150 to save your spot!

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