Join us October 7-9, 2022, in the Apennine mountains, about 2 hours away from Rome for a weekend of connection and communion in a beautiful Italian setting.


Do you sometimes find yourself acting or reacting in immature ways?  Does conflict with your partner sometimes degenerate into childish language or behavior?  In this retreat, Nate Larkin and Kaka Ray will explore what it takes to "grow up" into free and fully integrated adulthood, capable of connecting deeply with another person.


Combining local excursions and opportunities for personal development and healing, the women's retreat is an invitation to slow down and create intentional time and space for God to help us remember the past, restore our souls, and invite us into His good story for the present and future. 


The men will be staying at Centro Evangelico while the women will be spending the weekend at San Gabriel. Take the A24 motorway towards Teramo, exit at S. Gabriele. Both retreat locations are approximately a five-minute drive from one another. We encourage you to connect with other individuals attending the retreat to coordinate travel arrangements from Rome. To help facilitate these conversations, there is a Samson Slack channel available.


The retreat fee covers lodging and meals for the weekend, as well as access to the presenters and workshops. An Italian interpreter will be present at both retreats.


We encourage you to explore the local area, particularly Rome, while you are in the country. However, please be VERY aware of your surroundings, especially on buses, the metro, and other crowded places.

Rome is the pick-pocketing capital of the world so we suggest wearing money belts rather than carrying a purse or backpack, both of which are easily accessible for those looking for an easy grab. Keep a firm hand on your purse or wallet on the subway or in crowded areas, and do not hang your purse or bag over the side of your chair while at a restaurant or cafe. You think you will feel someone trying to grab your wallet, but you are wrong. You won't feel it until it's gone.

Reduce your risk of being a victim of a pickpocket by keeping the fact that you’re a tourist under wraps—meaning don’t become distracted when studying maps, taking pictures, or carrying large amounts of cash and personal belongings.


Nate Larkin Founder of The Samson Society

With no-holds-barred honesty and poignant storytelling, Nate Larkin introduces a model of community and friendship that is reinvigorating men's ministry. Too many men see the biblical hero Samson as their model for manhood--a rugged individualist of the highest order. Yet, Samson's solitary successes were eventually overcome by moral weaknesses. Nate, through the story of his own past and the stories of those in The Samson Society, offers a radical, refreshing alternative.

Kaka Ray LMFT, BCN

Recovery is a spiritual process, but not JUST a spiritual process. Although it does begin with confession and repentance, recovery is actually a HEALING process involving the progressive retraining of a brain that has developed maladaptive strategies for dealing with abuse or neglect. During this retreat, Kaka Ray will break down the neurology of compulsive behavior and offers practical ways to facilitate the healing process.

  • A shared room with up to three other men, with a community bathroom in the hallway.

  • A shared room with up to three other men, with a private bathroom.

  • Double-occupancy room with private bath

  • Single room with private bath


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